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Hello everyone and happy first day of December! Thank you to chiriku for your wonderful submission to the November contest! Your entry was fun and absolutely breathtaking! (View it here: As per tradition, there is no contest for December, but we do have some announcements for next year! TomoyoIchijouji and I have been talking over the past month or so about some changes that we believe will benefit the club.

First off: contests. We realize that with work, school, and life in general, a month is not enough time to work on contest entries. So, we’ve decided that, to increase participation in the club and in contests, there will be four contests per year. Each contest will last three months so as to give YOU enough time to participate and come up with fantastic ideas without all the stress. We will be opening up a poll and we’d like to get YOUR opinion on whether the contests should start in January, April, July, and October OR in December, March, June, and September. In addition, we will be opening up another poll focused on contest themes. We’d really appreciate your feedback on themes and, if you have any ideas for new themes, we’d love to hear them!

Secondly, we’ve been thinking about having monthly features. We love the works that you submit and we’d like to show you our appreciation! Tomoyo and I were thinking that we would pick a theme and a number of works that we feel complement that theme. Then, you, the members, could vote on the works that you like the best, and the most popular works will be featured. Thoughts on this are more than welcome.

Lastly, we’ve decided that, in August, we will write up a tribute post to honor Ikuko Itoh’s birthday (August 25th) as well as the anniversaries of the publication of the first chapter of the Princess Tutu manga (August 19th, 2002) and the air date of the first episode (August 16th, 2002). More about that next year!

What do you all think? We realize that this is a lot of change to take in, so we’d really appreciate any feedback, thoughts, or opinions you have on all of this.  The polls (mentioned above) will be up and running by Dec. 11th. Happy Holidays!
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Countdown to NOV 2016: Food

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Tuesday, November 29th @ 8:00pm

The time for this contest has passed and new entries will not be accepted. Stay tuned for voting.

The next contest will be announced at the beginning of the month.


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Wavering by Waifine
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2016 July Contest: Sports by TomoyoIchijouji

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Yurigirl4eva Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really would love to have my princess tutu artwork in this group ^_^
Diamond-Master Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Student General Artist
We'd love to have you! Our rule is that you must be a member to submit works to the club, so once you join, you can start submitting! :D
MoonShadowMagic Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015
dangit, I so wanted to come up with *something* Nutcracker- related! Sorry-- it's a good prompt, I just had no time this month.
ahiruchanzan Featured By Owner Edited Oct 16, 2014  Student General Artist
would be fun every princess tutu fan has their own avatar and make a contest of the best
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Asatira Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We have previously asked the group members if they were interested in having a gallery that featured original characters, and after some discussion, it was decided not to have one. This option may be offered again in the future.
LaVocaGirl Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Eeeh?! I'm the admin's choice winner?? Whoa thanks a bunch!! :la:
Hawkheart29 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with my fellow Club-Tutu members the names of a few books I've stumbled upon in the past few years that reminded me of Princess Tutu and therefore thought you all might enjoy them as well. They are as follows:

:bulletblack: The Undone Fairytale - A hilarious picture book. Because you, the reader, are reading the story and turning the pages too fast, the author (who's job reminds me of a movie director's), Ned the illustrator, and the whole cast of the story aren't prepared for the next page. For starters, you read so fast that by the 3 or 4 page Ned doesn't have time to design a crown for the king, so the king wears a donut instead....and it just goes downhill from there. A funny story about what happens to storybook inhabitants when they aren't prepared for the book's pages to be turned.

:bulletblack: The Great Good Thing - A children's novel about a storybook, the characters within it, and how they and their story influence a reader throughout her life; from childhood to adulthood. I've never read a story quite like this before and, since reading it, have yet to read any others like it. The characters are aware they are in a child's fairytale book; the dialogue is like a script to them and the story a play they must act out. When the book is closed the princess can be found leaning against the letter 'd' from the sentence 'The end.' and wonders what exists beyond the edges of the pages of her story. When the reader is eating a pb&j sandwich while reading one afternoon and a drop of jelly lands on the open page, the queen's royal gown is splattered and stained with jelly. An extremely unique fairytale that made me question my view of the books I read (like the time I was eating pudding and some of it fell on the Harry Potter book I was reading at the time; did I unknowingly stain some poor wizard's or witch's robes with chocolate?).

:bulletblack: Theatre Illuminata Trilogy - What if 'The Prince and the Raven' had been a play and had been completed? Welcome to the Theatre Illuminata, where every character from every play ever written lives. Here, the script is law and not to be defied, though some characters rebel and attempt to break free of the parts written for them. Then there's our heroine Bertie, she's lived in the theater her whole life, only she doesn't belong in any of the plays. Not only that, but she soon discovers she is a Playwright, a person with the power to write new pages into the book (script) and edit the old ones, with disastrous results. Turns out you must be extremely careful with your word choice if you're a Playwright. Accompanying her on her journey are the sweet-toothed, wise-cracking, sometimes-very-rude quartet of fairies from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and two very handsome, very different boys. For those of you who hated the multiple love triangles in Princess Tutu (or just hate love triangles in general), fear not. While I can't explain why that won't be an issue without spoiling the end of the second book, I beg you to not let the romantic complications stop you from reading. Trust me, Bertie's choice/solution is unexpected, satisfying, and not-to-be-missed.

I hope those of you who choose to pick up these books in the future (or if you have already read any of them), you'll find them as satisfying reads as I did. Personally, I think the whole characters-struggling-against-the-story-written-for-them has vastly untapped potential in the world of authors and stories and it's a piety more people don't try to explore this particular angle. If I come across any other novels or stories I think fellow Princess Tutu fans enjoy I'll be sure to let you all know.^^ Ta-ta for now.
MartAnimE Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Hello! I'd just like to point out that the Admin's Choice Winner image thumbnail in the February 2014 Contest Winners section is incorrect. You guys might wanna correct that. ^^
Asatira Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for pointing that out.
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